Terms & conditions

  1. 1. RIGHTS:
    The Organiser reserves all rights in connection with the Global Content Bazar 2018.
    In these Rules and Regulations the term “Exhibitor” shall include all owners, partners, directors, employees, servants and agents of any company, partnership firm, or individual inclusive of any Government/Semi Government body/Agency/Corporation to whom space has been allocated for the purpose of participating.
    The term “Organiser” shall mean:
    The Management Committee, Global Content Bazar, 2018.
    Organised by:
    Saicom Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
    148, Admiralty House, Near Colaba Bus Station, Mumbai 400 005, India.
    The term “Landlords of the Exhibition Hall” or “Exhibition Hall Landlords” shall mean: Management, World Trade Centre, Mumbai.
    The term “Rules and Regulations” or “Rules” or “Regulations” means the Rules and Regulations hereinafter contained. The term “Contract” means the contract for space at the exhibition entered into between the organiser and the exhibitor which incorporates the Rules and Regulations.
    The minimum size for a Free Design Site is 18 sq mts.
    Three copies of the working drawing of any free-design stand is to be lodged with the exhibition organiser for approval by 30th November, 2018.
    These plans shall include elevation drawings or a clear indication of the height of the various elements of the stand, including hanging signs. No restrictions are placed upon such designs provided they meet the following criteria :
    a) Stand designers are particularly requested to avoid designs which block or box-in other exhibitors stands.
    b) Stands may not overhang the allotted area nor are any obstructions permitted on gangways, fire points extinguishers or emergency exits.
    No support from the existing construction of the Exhibition halls ie. ceiling, walls, columns, etc shall be permitted. Any damage caused to the infrastructure created by the organiser shall be recovered alongwith the necessary penalty from the concerned participants.
    Access must be given to any fire exit, electrical box, service room, etc falling within the exhibitor’s stand area. It is mandatory to leave minimum one opening in the partitions against the natural wall to provide access for electric fittings, etc.
    c) Adjacent free design stands must be separated by walls with a nominal height of 2.75 mts. Higher separation walls are permitted upto 5 mts provided the adjacent exhibitor is in agreement and the exhibitor erecting the higher wall will finish the visible part of the back of the wall in the neat way, in harmony with the design of the adjacent stand. The stands with 2, 3 or 4 side (island stands) open as shown in the floor plan, the exhibitors are required to leave the open side clear of all the panels which obstruct the view of visitors and adjacent stands. However they may put up low partitions of high or may have a combination of low partition and glazing in the upper area.
    d) Office enclosures/cabins must be located either along the wall, if any, at the rear end of the stand, or at the back along the adjoining wall of their neighbouring stand. extension of office enclosures/ cabins up to the open aisles is not permitted.
    e) Double decker stands will only be considered in exceptional circumstances but a surcharge of 25% of the space rental charge will apply for the total surface of the upper floor area(s).
    f) Exhibitors without a platform are required to ensure that free access is given for the running of necessary cable across their stands and to meet the cost of providing adequate covering.
    g) Lighting in stands shall not interfere with monitor displays in other stands.
    h) Unavoidable sawing of wood which has to be done at the venue should be completed before 10.00 pm on Wednesday 17th January, 2018. Stand contractors should strictly adhere to the above deadline.
    i) All displays will be inspected during the set up days and any exhibitor deviating from the regulations must make modifications as suggested by the organiser on their own expense prior to the show opening.
    j) Contractors and exhibitors are requested to strictly observe that SPRAY PAINTING and WELDING WORK inside the hall is NOT permitted. Only roller. painting and minor finishing/touch up is allowed. Contractors violating this guideline will be prevented from continuing work at the exhibitors stand inside the hall.
    k) The exhibitors must ensure that aisles are not blocked during erection of their stands, that the contractor removes his off-cuts and debris from the hall and the stand is completed by 10:00 pm on Wednesday 17th January, 2018. The organisers decision as to the compliance of an exhibitor's stand with these rules shall be final & binding.
    Penalty Clause: Please note all the exhibitors and their respective free design contractors are requested to complete the booth fabrication work by 10:00 pm on Wednesday 17th January, 2018 in all aspects, after which no work would be allowed to continue in their stands. Exhibitors/contractors who continue to work beyond the above mentioned deadline would be levied a penalty of Rs. 5,000/- per hour per booth thereafter up to 8:00 am of Thursday 18th January 2018 only.
    Damage & Performance Bond:
    A Damage/Security Deposit of INR 25,000 for stands below 100 sqm or INR 50,000 for stands above 100 sqm either in cash of demand draft must be paid by the stand contractor(s) appointed by the exhibitors to the Organisers when they register at the exhibition site. This will be held against damages to the venue, non-completion of construction work on time and as per deadline schedule shared by the organisers in this manual, and/or the disposal of stand construction waste left on-site after the event. Any breach of the organiser’s/venue’s regulations may also cause the deposit to be forfeited.
    It is the individual stand contractor’s responsibility to remove all packing and waste materials from the exhibition halls during both move-in and move-out. Garbage & waste materials from decoration work must not be discarded into the aisles and must be cleared. All material used must be removed during move-out and this must be done safely (no pushing over of high pieces of stand, no smashing of glass panels, etc.). Failure to comply will result in the deposit being totally forfeited.
    The deposit will be refunded by showing the receipt after the exhibition subject to completion of construction work on time and as per deadline schedule shared by the organisers in this manual, clearance to the site by the contractors and no damage or garbage being recorded by the exhibition centre management and the organisers.
    The security deposit of the exhibitor’s appointed stand contractor will also be forfeited if the stall design does not comply or abide by the construction guidelines enlisted in the manual.
    Organisers reserve the right to deduct an actual and appropriate amount for damages to the hall structures/venue, made by the exhibitor or their design & handling agencies’ staff during build-up, show days and dismantling time, from the security deposit paid to the exhibitor. This is to ensure all the rules and regulations are abided by, and to cover any damage arising directly or indirectly from infringement. This is without prejudice to any additional claims the organisers may have on the exhibitor if the damages exceed the deposit. Balance amount if any, will be returned if no damage is found.